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What are your rates?

We have the best rates around!

$75 per hour

Special pricing discounts available for repeat and recurring meetings.

Please Call 937-630-3790

How many people can you accommodate?

Delco Park Meeting Place comfortably seats 80 people. There is a choice of rectangular tables or round tables and padded comfortable chairs.

What food services are available?

Delco Park Meeting Place is self serve relative to food. We provide kitchen facilities that include a refrigerator, microwave, coffee machines, fresh water cooler and sink. We also recommend local catering services for more comprehensive food service.
Little Miami River Catering

Is alcohol permitted?

Yes, alcohol may be consumed at the Delco Park Meeting Place. Alcohol may not be sold on the premises.

What audio/visual equipment is available?

Audio Visual equipment is included at no extra cost!Video projector accommodates most PC’s (VGA/HDMI). Sound from the PC can be connected via the audio cable for video presentations. The room is wired with speakers for even distribution of sound throughout the room.

Is parking available?

All parking is free. There is parking on the premises and if needed, additional parking across the street in the Delco Park parking areas.